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Ideal for a weekend in Brittany, our seaside resort not only offers you long moments of relaxation in its Marine Spa but also offers you a privileged location to appreciate the richness of this small corner of Brittany, nestled between ocean and heritage.

Start your visit by discovering Concarneau, a city of art and history with a great charm. Then, enjoy the joys of the sea by resting on the beautiful nearby beaches or by practicing the many water sports activities offered. Fill up on vitality on the tennis courts, on the golf courses or by walking on the numerous coastal paths. Finally, let yourself be lulled by the marine horizons and, off Concarneau, fall under the spell of the Glénan archipelago and the emerald waters of its beautiful lagoon.

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An island nestled in a cove, the Ville Close is the cradle of Concarneau: its existence is attested since the end of the 11thcentury. Having become too small, the city developed on the nearby banks. A defensive city, the walled city is surrounded by granite ramparts 2.5 m to 3 m wide, nine towers and three gates. It is home to the oldest houses in the city, with granite gabled houses lining the narrow streets and wood-framed houses, stalls with sculpted lintels and chapels converted into living quarters. Today,to access it, only one old drawbridge on the suburb side is open to traffic, mostly pedestrians.

In the XIXecentury, the city developed outside the fortifications with the installation of canneries in Concarneau. At the beginning of the XXecentury, there were up to thirty-two canneries. The fishing port had a considerable impact on the development of the city: sardine fishing, tuna fishing... Several generations of sailors followed one another to anchor the maritime economy in the genes of Concarneau.

The bay of Concarneau has been for decades the training basin of the great ocean racing skippers. Strolling along the quays is to have the chance to see the most prestigious ships: "Figaro", "IMOCA" or "Class 40″... Land of sailors, Concarneau is the preferred meeting place for nautical enthusiasts. The left bank sees the shipyards where the yachts and sailboats of the future will come out, prototypes ready for the Vendée Globe or the Volvo Ocean Race! Come and experience on the quays the emotion of the departures of famous races, such as the double-handed Concarneau/Saint Barthélemy transatlantic race in the West Indies, the Solo Guy Cotten or the Tour du Finistère sailing race.

Accompanied by a naturalist guide, discover the natural heritage of our magnificent coastline. All year round, in the form of hikes or maritime excursions, you will discover the hidden treasures of the Aven-Belons of the Aven-Belon banks, the cliffs of Port-Manec'h, the seashore of Raguenez, Pouldohan or Concarneau, the dunes and ponds of Trévignon or the Glénan archipelago.

The manor of Keriolet dates from the 13th century. It was remodeled by Princess Zénaïde for her young husband the Count of Chauveau in Concarneau, a commoner from whom she bought two titles of nobility. In love with the region, the princess multiplied the symbols recalling the Breton history and tradition (couple of Bretons in traditional costumes, ermine paws, symbols of Breton nationalism...).

Since 1988, the castle of Keriolet has been beautifully restored, and hosts amazing electronic music events such as Spring, a large evening launched each year on the occasion of the "Breton National Day".e launched each year on the occasion of the Ascension by Astropolis and which brings together big names of techno and electro.

Dive into the world of fishing and discover a unique museum in France. A pioneer in the collection of maritime heritage, the Fishing Museum, under the name of "Musée de France", presents a rich collection of boats, everyday objects and models to help you discover a historical activity of Concarneau.

More than a hundred years old, the "Filets Bleus" are every year in August the occasion for Concarneau to go back to its roots. A big parade in the Breton style where costumes, dances and Celtic music take center stage.

Concarneau - August 11 to 15, 2022

At the crossroads of the roads to Quimper and Concarneau, the Golf Bluegreen de l'Odet, inaugurated in 1986, draws in the heart of the fouesnantais bocage one of the best 18-hole courses in Finistère.

Only two kilometers from the coast, you will have the choice between two courses, within a magnificent wooded and flowered domain of 130 hectares where ponds and Breton slopes border on both sides of wide fairways. Enjoy the variety of the 18-hole course. The PAR 72 is set in a landscape of oaks and pines, far enough from the fairways to please long and occasionally inaccurate hitters.




Beginners will enjoy sailing their first tacks on a magnificent sheltered stretch of water. Amateurs will be stimulated by the idea of following in the footsteps of the Finistère skippers Desjoyeaux, Jourdain, Le Cam, Davies and many others. The youngest will start with the "jardin des mers" or the "moussaillons". A little more experienced, they will be introduced to the helm on Optimist. Several formulas exist, from the 5 half-day course to the rental of nautical equipment or private lessons (hour, half-day, day...). Whether at the Porzou, La Croix or Les Sables Blancs water sports centers, you will benefit from the advice of experienced and educational instructors.

Come aboard the Corentin to (re)discover the pleasure of traditional sailing in the bay of Concarneau.

Built thirty years ago, the Corentin is a faithful replica of the Aimable Irma, a coaster used to transport goods on the Breton coast in the 19th century. Pampered by an association of passionate sailors, this tugboat, which carries its sails high, will take you back to the exotic history of the wooden navy.

Let Concarneau tell you about itself...

Famous for its "ville-close", an old city center built on a fortified island, Concarneau has many assets to seduce visitors... Let yourself be tempted!

To fully appreciate this City of Art and History also called the "blue city", take advantage of a guided tour, in the company of a guide-lecturer approved by the Ministry of Culture:
Pass' 4 visits: 10,50 €.


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